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Minicomic of the Month Club 2013»2014

Minicomics are pretty great would you like some?

Twelve minicomics from twelve different artists over twelve calendar months. Painstakingly hand-stapled probably and sent to your mailbox.

That sounds like something you would like?

A comic from each of these people!

(In tentative order of appearance)

Which comics?

They haven't been drawn yet so we don't know what they'll be, except they'll be great. Minicomics are the best comics, and suprise minicomics are the best minicomics.

Digital too?

Ew, gross, no. Actual minicomics that you can eat.


So happy you are into it.

$26 dollars if we are sending them to Australia or New Zealand,
$38 dollars for everywhere else on Earth.

Subscriptions have closed for 2013-2014. Thanks to everyone who subscribed, you are all very nice.

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