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Minicomic of the Month Club 2015

The Minicomic of the Month Club is an annual subscription to fine minicomics from Australian and New Zealand cartoonists and storytellers.
Sign up this month and get twelve comics from twelve artists in twelve months. Which twelve? These twelve:

Matt Emery
Five questions with Matt
Visit http://www.guzumo.com/

Ashley Ronning
Five questions with Ashley
Visit http://ashleyronning.com/

Joshua Santospirito
Five questions with Josh
Visit http://joshuasantospiritoart.com/

Kathy Sarpi
Five questions with Kathy
Visit http://kathy-audrey.tumblr.com/

Freda Chiu
Five questions with Freda
Visit http://fredachiu.com/

Catriona Drummond
Five questions with Catriona
Visit http://goodsniff.tumblr.com/

Jo Waite
Five questions with Jo
Visit http://youmaycallmefrank.tumblr.com

Aaron Billings
Five questions with Aaron
Visit https://instagram.com/dillings/

David Blumenstein
Visit http://www.nakedfella.com/

Gemma Flack
Five questions with Gemma
Visit http://www.gemmaflack.com/

Andrew Fulton
Five questions with Andrew
Visit http://mumblier.com/

Subscriptions are $32 if you are in Australia or New Zealand, $48 anywhere else in the world.

Subscriptions have closed for this season, but if you give us an email address we'll let you know when the next one opens:

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Here's what you could miss - this is a bit of what you would have got in the mail if you had subscribed last year. Pretty nice, right?

Andrew Fulton

Nicky Minus

Marijka Gooding

Raff Amor

The Seven Seas

Bailey Sharp

Michael P Fikaris

Carla Mcrae

Ben Juers

George Rex

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